Really, the chickens were this color before eating carrots

CarrotBeakThese chickens love the carrot pulp left over from juicing.  They don’t always manage to get all the carrots off their beaks.  Today, outside their safely-fenced night space by the barn, they wandered around looking for any bit of wild green or stray insect or new seed they could find.  They haven’t learned how to share very well.  One grabs a piece of squash and runs away with it, while another chases her in hot pursuit of the prized food.


The sun broke through the clouds today.  We are looking forward to a break in the clouds and some better weather for pruning blueberries.  Perhaps this week it will happen.

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2 Responses to Really, the chickens were this color before eating carrots

  1. stephanie nickerson says:

    well, what color are they AFTER eating carrots?

  2. Administrator says:

    The same lovely pumpkin color – perhaps it’s from eating the winter squash! No, actually, they didn’t change color. Plus their dispositions have not changed either. These girls continue to be super gentle.

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