Before and after … Shiitake mushroom site


Dan checking out a mushroom growing site


You saw it before,when we were checking this area under the hemlocks.  It seemed perfect for growing Shiitake mushrooms.  Shaded by the hemlock trees and protected from winds coming from the hay fields, this space will keep the mushrooms from drying out.




And now you see the area after Dan cleared stumps and branches on the ground.  In this photo there are over 600 logs stacked and waiting for good weather.  Then the crew will inoculate the logs with mushroom spawn.


Logs in our Shiitake mushroom growing site waiting to be inoculated


All of us at the farm have been thankful for a REAL winter this year.  We can reach the trees without creating ruts, because the ground is solidly frozen.  We also expect any problem insects to get off to a very slow start because of the cold.

We never use toxins on the farm, so cold is a wonderfully natural and “organic” way to discourage trouble.

It seems that a few deer like this spot also, so we might have to ask them to hang out somewhere else, in case they decide that Shiitake mushrooms are tasty.


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2 Responses to Before and after … Shiitake mushroom site

  1. Matina Patsos says:

    Looks nice! I’m excited to hear about what happens next.

  2. Administrator says:

    We are excited too. We’ll let you know when we start inoculating the logs with spawn. Perhaps mid-March, if the weather warms up enough and we don’t have too much rain.

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